And so the 3,277 mile journey has come to an end. But as one journey ends, another begins. Thank you so much to:
My copilot and best friend, Billy.
Family and friends who supported us even though it seemed like a crazy idea.
Iowa State friends for the great conversations and fun around Ames.
Maya and her family for showing us that Chicago suburbs are cooler than the city itself.
Friends in Pittsburgh for showing us that it is a city worth visiting.
Jorge for being our destination and storage facility.
Cattle drives in Utah.
The Fort Pitt tunnel.
Wawa sandwiches.
In-n-out burger.
Rocky Mountains.
75mph speed limits.
The GoPro camera.
The big MINI.
Classic rock music.
That Kid Cudi song Billy got stuck in my head.
Sufjan Stevens.
Homemade cookies.
Those at GMS who welcomed me to my next journey.
For those of you who took the time to read our blog, even this long list of thank yous, I hope this will inspire you to go on a road trip of your own.
And most of all, God, for making everyday a journey truly worth taking.

Billy is done for the trip, but my friend Mike joins me for the last leg of the trip. Be in Burlington in 5 hours!

This is how Billy deals with New Jersey traffic when they shut down the freeway, and we’re ten minutes away from our destination.

Sandwich with Turkey, Cheese, and Fries at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.

Officially back on the East Coast. Hello PA!

  • Billy: Ok, after driving from the suburbs of Chicago to Toledo, Ohio, I think it's time to get something to eat.
  • Brendan: I haven't seen anything. There are no restaurants at any of these exits. I guess in Ohio they don't believe in eating.
  • Billy: Maybe they're a colony of aliens.
“Toledo, what’s a Toledo?”
— Brendan